Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Clinque Dramaticly Different Moisturizing Gel (oily skin) $20.00

the product

I use this product morning and night after washing my face 
it does not give my skin to much moisture nor to little its just right for my oily skin
This moisturizer has yet to break my face out most moisturizers I've tried have broken me out and made my face nothing but a grease ball .It comes in a big bottle im comming up on a year with this bottle as you can see i have barely put a dent in the bottle!

Review: Prime Time Oil control Foundation Primer By; Bare Minerals ($21.00)

This primer is for people with oily skin.
While you wear it,it controls you oils quite nicely 
I wear my makeup from the time I put it on to the time I get home which can be 8-14 hrs 
and I have yet to not have any foundation left when I got home of course
it doesn't look like it been freshly done but it still looks descent.
I tried smashbox photofinish lite and honestly i hated it it made my face oily and gross feeling
this primer is not that good for feeling in pores but the product doesnt say anything about feeling pores in.. i plan to do a review on a good pore filler as soon as i find one!
The product is a clear gel