Monday, August 2, 2010

Benefit Box Powder (Coralista & Sugarbomb)

Left: Coralista Right: Sugarbomb

Theses were my first two box powders from Benefit
and i have to say i want every single one of them
this is one of my favorite things by Benefit I bought the confession of a ceoncealoholic to try everything out honestly not loving it! The box powders are great i love them great pigmentation and they all have there own unique smell which i love Sugarbomb smells like candy 
and Coralista has a perfume smell but a fab. smell not to strong just enough for you to smell it in the box and that's it.There worth every penny their not extreme shimmer/glitter nor is the shimmer chunky it has just enough shimmer in it for everyone.I use them together all the everyday!

same as above

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  1. I love Coralista too!:D
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