Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Otter Box Phone cases

I wanted to make a post about OTTER BOX phone cases/customer service
The best case in the world! I will not use another case! They really do protect your phone 
my 2 year old is constantly getting our phones and doing something like droping or throwing them or even putting them in dogbowls, So they really do keep you phone protected
As we all know u can get solid colors (like the picture above) from or Walmart and instead of solid colors you can get them mixed with either a black rubber case or for the white you get a black plastic case inside from your phone carrier.
Well my husband and I went to AT&T to get ours pictures below
The case i bought

the case my husband got

Well we got this good idea to switch the rubber pieces so he has a solid black casing now and i have white rubber case with a pink inside neat idea uhh.. so when my case cracked and rubber split i was like oh no Im not going to be able to get a new one because ive switched... WRONG!
Last week i believe Friday i got an email back from Otter Box stating I could get a new case for no CHARGE
All i had to was send pictures with my mailing address and name all that sha-bang
Well i got my package today and this is what was in it
as u see instead of being cheap they sent me the solid pink case and threw in my white rubber case!


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